Discover How To Care For Your Aston Martin This Winter
Discover How To Care For Your Aston Martin This Winter
Posted: December 12th 2018
By: Lisa Harper

Whether you’ve got everything crossed for a mild winter so you can keep your beloved Aston on the road or have already accepted that you’ll be parking it up over the winter months we have some top tips to help you through the winter.

Driving Your Aston Martin In Winter

If you plan to try and keep your Aston Martin on the road for at least some of this winter then we recommend taking the following steps:

Fit Winter Tyres – Below 7°C summer tyres have reduced holding ability which can compromise a cars stability and its braking performance. Some people believe that winter tyres can only be used in snowy conditions, however, that is far from the case. They actually improve handling and ensure optimum traction when the temperature drops below 7°C. They also noticeably reduce stopping distances and the specially formulated tread pattern helps to improve grip and reduces the risk of aquaplaning which increases their safety and improves performance.

Keep It Clean – In winter months it is even more important that you keep your Aston Martin clean and dry. Aston Martin outdoor car covers are made from a breathable fabric that causes water to bead and fold off. This ensures your Aston Martin stays clean and dry which is particularly important during winter when there is more salt on the road which can cause corrosion of the aluminium.

Storing Your Aston Martin

Choose the Right Storage Location – choose a safe and dry building to store you vehicle over winter. It should have a solid floor and be free from damp.

Check Engine Oil – It’s a good idea to check your oil and if it is really dirty it’s advisable to change it before storage.

Wash & Clean – Before you park up make sure you wash and clean your car to ensure there are no contaminants left on the surface.

Top Up Fluids – After washing your car go for a drive to the fuel station, to make sure it is properly dry and any water is evacuated from the nooks and crannies. Fill up the tank and add a fuel stabiliser, making sure you run the car for at least five minutes to give the fuel stabiliser chance to flow through the fuel system. A full tank reduces the risk the risk of moisture being trapped and stops strain being put on the valves. Also be sure to top up the car’s coolant at the correct ratio. The engine block and cylinder heads can be damaged if there is too much water mixed with the coolant.

Tyres - As the temperature drops the air pressure decreases so it is important to inflate the tyres to the maximum PSI rating given to counteract any drop in pressure. In addition, when you park for storage it is advisable to place tyre cushions underneath the tyres. These will help to protect the tyres and reduce the occurrence of flat spots.

Ventilation – Roll down the windows a fraction to allow air to circulate and prevent moisture building up in the cabin.

Battery – To keep your Aston Martin in tip top condition make sure you keep the battery connected over winter but use a battery optimiser to prevent the battery from discharging.

Pest Protection – It is well-known that stored cars can become a winter home for rodents. If allowed to infiltrate your vehicle they can cause havoc by chewing wires. To prevent any rodents making your car their home for the winter place a ball of steel wool in the exhaust pipe opening and air inlet.

Cover the Car – Use a good quality Aston Martin car cover to protect the paintwork of your vehicle. Made from a breathable material, Aston Martin car covers allow moisture to evaporate helping to keep the car’s paintwork intact.

Book a Winter Health Check

Whether you’re planning to keep driving or stow away you Aston Martin it is worth getting a full winter health check. An Aston Martin trained technician will carry a range of checks including inspecting the brakes, steering, suspension, wheels and tyres, cooling system, battery, engine, exhaust and lights. It will give you added peace of mind that your car is in peak condition. Or why not take a look at the available genuine Aston Martin accessories which includes everything from winter tyres to car covers.

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