Aston Martin Vulcan AMR Pro - the next level
Aston Martin Vulcan AMR Pro - the next level
Posted: July 2nd 2017
By: Sam Bisby

If you thought Aston Martin’s Vulcan couldn’t get anymore extreme, the Gaydon firm has exceeded expectations with the new Vulcan AMR Pro package, taking the track-only car to new level of excitement.

While expanding the newly established AMR range, the Vulcan AMR Pro package amplifies key areas to ensure the wildest-ever Aston Martin is even more so. These include enhancements to the car’s aerodynamic package and transmission, with new parts and shortened gear ratios.

Following its limited run of just 24 cars, the Vulcan has been vastly enjoyed by its owners, using the 820bhp machine at superb circuits around the world such as Spa, Circuit of the Americas and, of course, Silverstone. There, drivers have been given the opportunity not just to enjoy their cars, but also take advantage of one-to-one driver training to develop their skills on track.

With the Vulcan AMR Pro package, this opportunity is extended thanks to the new features that require a new discipline of driving acumen. The first few Vulcan owners have already opted for the package and will get to try the changes out for themselves later this year.

Most notably, the Vulcan AMR Pro alterations to the exterior which begin at the front-end with louvered panels added above the front wheel arches; these extract high pressure and reduce aerodynamic lift. Dive planes, meanwhile, have been added to each side of the nose to help pin the front-end to the tarmac, with turning vanes on the underside of the front splitter improving the steering response. Optimisation of the carbon fibre lay-up and core form have seen a 5kg weight loss.

More dramatically, however, that rear wing is now even more impressive thanks to a new design. A dual plane layout replaces the single plane from the standard Vulcan and now features a 20mm ‘Gurney’ flap, supplemented by slotted wing endplates. This extensive aero piece maximises downforce at a whopping 4000Nm (850Nm more than the standard car).

Aston Martin Vulcan AMR Pro

Aston Martin Racing works driver, Darren Turner, said of the Aston Martin Vulcan AMR Pro: “I’ve been fortunate to drive the Aston Martin Vulcan throughout its development programme and at the numerous customer events held since the cars were delivered. It’s an incredible car in every respect - looks, sound and of course, performance. We worked hard to ensure it’s not a monster to drive, so it was important the AMR Pro upgrade remains true to that objective.

“By increasing the overall level of downforce front and rear, but also improving the balance of the car we’ve done just that. Together with the shortened gearing, which makes it even more punchy when you accelerate through the gears, the Aston Martin Vulcan AMR Pro feels more agile and responsive to steering inputs. When you get the aero working through a fast corner it really is an unbelievable feeling. I can’t wait to see the customers’ faces when they experience it for themselves!”

The Vulcan AMR Pro made both its public and dynamic debut at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed, impressing the crowds on both a visual and aural level.

Existing Vulcan customers can have the AMR Pro package fitted to their car through Aston Martin's Q operations.

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