Aston Martin DB11 gets V8 option
Aston Martin DB11 gets V8 option
Posted: June 28th 2017
By: Sam Bisby

The Aston Martin DB11 has firmly established itself as the beginning of the firm’s Second Century Plan, having been launched to global critical acclaim. Now the DB11 range is expanding further with the introduction of a new powerplant.

Now available for the DB11 is a twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre V8 engine to complement the existing 5.2-litre V12.

Capable of 503bhp (510ps), the efficient yet highly potent eight-cylinder engine manages a 0-62mph sprint in just 4.0sec and runs onto a top speed of 187mph.

Aston Martin’s team of engineers have tailored the V8 in a way that sees a bespoke set-up for the DB11, with a new air intake, exhaust and wet sump lubrication systems. Meanwhile, new ECU software and reprogramming of the engine and throttle mapping ensures the engine is at optimum at all times.

While the DB11’s V12 allows for the car to reach its potential as the consummate grand tourer, this new powerplant sees the DB11 explore its more dynamic side. To enable this to the desired level, the engineers have also employed new engine mounts to help the engine sit as low as possible for a low centre of gravity. Lightness is also a factor, with the V8 offering a weight saving of 115kg over the V12 car.

On an aesthetics level, there are subtle changes such as a unique alloy design, dark headlamp bezels and a pair of bonnet vents instead of the four found on the V12.

Aston Martin President and CEO, Dr Andy Palmer said of the V8-engined DB11: “The DB11 is the most complete and sophisticated car Aston Martin has ever made. Now, with this new V8 engine option we have broadened its appeal by offering a car that will bring the DB11 to more customers around the world while still blessed with the exceptional performance and memorable character that sets Aston Martin apart from its rivals. Having driven the car during its development phase, it is not just the engine that has changed the character of the car, but also the resulting dynamic changes to create a remarkable GT car with its own distinct personality from the V12.”

The new Aston Martin DB11 is on sale now and available through ourselves at Aston Martin Newcastle

Aston Martin DB11 V8
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