Aston Martin DB11 Carbon Fibre Accessories
Aston Martin DB11 Carbon Fibre Accessories
Posted: March 5th 2021
By: Lisa Harper

Take your Aston Martin DB11 to the next level with our comprehensive range of carbon fibre accessories available for retrofit.

The exclusive range of carbon fibre accessories enables you to personalise your DB11 to the next level while enhancing visual sporting impact and performance.In this article, we explore the available options, so you can see exactly which carbon fibre accessories will enrich the dynamic of your Aston Martin DB11.

Carbon Fibre Engine Cover

The carbon fibre engine cover enhances the distinctive clamshell bonnet that houses the incredible V12 engine beneath.

The cover is exquisitely crafted to ensure a perfect fit. It enhances the powerful, sporting aesthetic of the engine and under the bonnet.

The engine cover is complemented by a bespoke carbon fibre Aston Martin wings badge positioned at the forefront for a harmonious and sophisticated look.

Carbon Fibre Exterior Pack One

The Exterior Pack One includes a twill gloss carbon fibre splitter, rear diffuser and side sills. All of which have been specifically designed by the Aston Martin team to heighten the dramatic stance of the DB11.

Opting for this Exterior Pack creates a sportier dynamic, making it perfect for those looking to experience the full sporting nature of the Aston Martin marque.

Carbon Fibre Exterior Pack Two

With the Carbon Fibre Exterior Pack Two, you get carbon fibre mirror caps, side strokes and hood blades. The focus is on a more high-end finish to exemplify the refinement of the Aston Martin brand.

The Exterior Pack Two is available to order as a standalone addition or combined with the Pack One to create a truly dynamic looking model.

Carbon Fibre Active Spoiler

The carbon fibre active spoiler is a direct replacement for the standard active spoiler. It adds to both the aesthetic and performance of the Aston Martin DB11 for all-round enhancement.

The spoiler deploys at speeds of 94mph in GT mode, 69mph in Sports mode and 56mph in Sport+ mode.

Carbon Fibre Door Handle

The new Aston Martin accessories enable you to enhance every aspect of your DB11, including your door handles. As car handles are a key touchpoint of your car, replacing them not only improves the look of your DB11 but also enhances the feel of luxury of your model.

Like many of the carbon fibre accessories available, the carbon fibre door handles can be bought as a standalone addition or you can buy them with other enhancements, which allows you to create a more distinct look that showcases your personality.

AMR Carbon Fibre Tailpipe Finishers

The AMR carbon fibre tailpipe finishers feature a 2x2 twill polished carbon fibre outer sleeve and a stainless steel interior with intricate laser-cut hexagonal perforations.

The innovative design channels airflow between carbon and stainless steel to ensure temperature control is optimised.

The AMR carbon fibre tailpipe finishers make a fantastic addition to the carbon fibre bodypack having been designed to complement the rear diffuser. However, should you prefer to just enhance the tailpipe finishers, you can opt for it as a standalone addition.

Carbon Fibre Wing Badge

You can now update the badge of your DB11, thanks to this new distinctive carbon fibre wing badge. Changing your badge may seem like a small alteration, but doing so has a huge impact on the overall look.

The carbon fibre wing badge is a true work of art and features beautifully machined carbon fibre wings that add a real edge and ensure your model stands out.

Order Your Accessories

All of the carbon fibre accessories are available to order here at our Aston Martin Newcastle showroom. Simply get in touch to find out more:

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