AMR - Everything you need to know
AMR - Everything you need to know
Posted: June 4th 2017
By: Sam Bisby

Taking direct influence from Aston Martin’s exploits on the track, the launch of the new AMR brand marks the start of an exciting expansion to the British marque.

Not only will AMR take inspiration from its racing programme, but also its technology that has helped it become a highly successful team in the World Endurance Championship (WEC), as well as in numerous GT3 and GT4 series around the world. As a result, cars produced within the AMR moniker will benefit from enhanced performance, sharper dynamics and a more aggressive styling direction.

Kicking off Aston Martin’s AMR brand will be two extremes versions of models featured in the company’s current line-up: the Rapide AMR and Vantage AMR Pro. Unveiled at the 2017 Geneva motor show, the two models are fully intended for production and will be built in strictly low numbers.

Rapide AMR

Representing the first tier of the AMR brand, the Rapide AMR fully enhances the four-door saloon to make put it on a totally new level the Rapide S. A whole host of changes have been made to ensure a combination of power and sharply tuned dynamics.

The Rapide AMR features Aston Martin’s naturally aspirated 6.0-litre V12, but in this instance, power has been increased to 600ps (592bhp) to make it the world’s most thrilling four-door saloon and capable of a 210mph top speed. Meanwhile, a new quad exhaust system and features such as new 21in alloy wheels, front splitter and rear diffuser create a much more aggressive stance.

Styling is also enhanced through the use of carbon fibre detailing, while the exterior is graced with AMR’s signature Stirling Green and the flashes of lime green. Inside you’ll find lightweight carbon fibre front seats, trimmed neatly in Dark Knight Alcantara.

Vantage AMR Pro

Aston Martin’s success with the Vantage GT8 and GT12 programmes has pushed the company to further expand on what the Vantage range can offer. The Vantage AMR Pro is the result of this and was perhaps a natural choice given the racing outfit’s success with the Vantage in WEC and GT programmes. As such, it will be AMR’s first track-only example.

The Vantage AMR Pro will also become the most powerful V8 Vantage and is a pure demonstration of Aston Martin’s ‘Track to Tarmac’ philosophy. The AMR division has placed a version of the Aston Martin Racing’s GT4 V8 race engine under the bonnet, with this development offering 507ps (500bhp).

Further track influences come in the form of race-spec adjustable suspension and new 19in x 9.5in front and 19in x 11.5in rear centre lock wheels, dressed in Michelin Pilot Cup 2 tyres. The Vantage AMR Pro’s styling is made to match this race track set-up, with the car also adorned in Stirling Green with lime green accents.

To complete the AMR experience, the Vantage uses the same bonnet and rear wing from the V8 Vantage GTE race car that competes in the WEC. Complimenting these features is a bold new grille and bumper section, along with a new front valance and splitter and revised rear diffuser. The interior, as you might image, is track-orientated, with features such as carbon fibre race seats covered in Dark Knight Alcantara upholstery.

These two models are just the start of a much bigger picture from the AMR brand, and the commitment to the programme will be evident at Aston Martin’s state-of-the-art Nurburgring Test Centre. The location will become AMR’s European development and brand centre and act as a test bed for the development and honing of future models.

Aston Martin’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Andy Palmer, commented on the launch of AMR: “As passionate enthusiasts of Aston Martin’s competition pedigree, AMR is something we have wanted to bring to fruition for some time. Cars such as the Vantage GT8 and Vantage GT12 confirmed that our customers love raw, race-bred models, but we also knew there was an opportunity to create cars that offer a sharper performance focus but stop short of those truly hardcore, special series models. With the AMR brand we have the perfect platform to deliver both.

“As proof of that intent I’m incredibly excited to announce that we will be putting both the Vantage AMR Pro and Rapide AMR into production: the Vantage in an extremely limited series of no more than 7 cars; the Rapide as a run of only 210 cars. They are the start of something very exciting - a programme that will eventually see an AMR version of every model in the Aston Martin range.”

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