Vantage Roadster

Uncompromising Performance

New Aston Martin Vantage Roadster

Uncompromising Performance

The new Vantage Roadster is here, the next in a line of Aston Martin sports cars renowned for power, dynamics and everyday usability.

Built for the Driver

The Vantage nameplate is Aston Martin’s most driver-focused car. The new Roadster model is powered by an impressive 503bhp, 4.0-litre V8 twin-turbo engine that will get you from 0 – 60mph in just 3.7 seconds before maxing out at 190mph.

Starting from £126,950

At Home on the Road and Track

Vantage Roadster retains the strong dynamic ability and sporting character from the Vantage Coupe, sharing the same exceptional tactility, pace and cornering performance that reflects the racing pedigree of Aston Martin.

Aston Martin Finance

Enquire about tailored Aston Martin finance packages and get in the seat of a new Vantage Roadster.

Perform in Style

Immerse in the comfort and style of the Vantage Roadster as it delivers the purest driving thrill.

New Aston Martin Vantage Roadster

Vantage Roadster embodies all that is beautiful about Aston Martin's performance sport car range. A convertible that is raw and instinctive, Vantage Roadster delivers a compelling blend of potent performance, outstanding dynamics and everyday usability. The canvas roof features an innovative mechanism than can retract in just 6.7 seconds up to speeds of 31mph, making it the fastest convertible roof system in the world.

It's beating heart is a powerful twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre V8 engine that will accelerate from 0 - 60mph in an impressive 3.7 seconds before topping out at 190mph. If you are on a racetrack, country road or just taking your daily commute, Vantage Roadster delivers outstanding class whatever the journey.

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