Dynamic Utility

New Aston Martin DBX

Breaking New Ground

DBX is Aston Martin’s first endeavour into the SUV market and, as you might expect, it exudes all the staple traits that makes an Aston an Aston.

Pushing Boundaries

Every effort has been made by Matt Becker’s engineering team to ensure the DBX drives like an Aston Martin should, with the performance of the DBX pushing the boundaries of what is possible for a vehicle of this type.

Starting from £158,000

Dynamic Utility

While as an SUV, the DBX offers luxury and comfort, this is also car of dynamic capability. A large part of that has to do with the same 4.0-litre V8 found in other models in the range, supplying the DBX with 542bhp.

Aston Martin Finance

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New but Familiar

Aston Martin has created a new, bespoke body architecture just for the DBX, yet there’s a familiar aura about it despite being an SUV, with the design team able to give the DBX the lines and proportions of the Aston Martin models we already love.

New Aston Martin DBX

The Aston Martin DBX is an SUV for those who love to drive – sitting on all-new aluminium architecture, boasting a weight ration of 54:46 and having that monstrous V8 seated as far back in the chassis as possible, the DBX is here to compete.

That twin-turbocharged, eight-cylinder powerplant and its 542bhp get you from 0-62bhp in a mere 4.5secs, with 700Nm of torque to help you achieve this and stay in the power band.

This is also a practical car, let’s not forget, with the DBX offering a wheelbase that’s longer than its rivals, a 480-litre boot and a towing capacity of 2700kg.

Technology has been placed about the DBX with function in mind. Air suspension, for instance can both raise or lower the body height, with adaptive damping complimenting this along with a 48V active anti-roll bar system.

Underneath also sits an intelligent four-wheel drive system that’s electronically controlled.

For drivers and passengers alike, the interior brings pure luxury that you expect from any Aston Martin. The cabin’s seats are large and generously spaced, while quality leather and stitching bring an element of supreme class.

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