DB11 Volante

Open-Top Splendour

The Most Dynamic Volante yet

Open-topped Excellence

On the back of the coupe’s success, the DB11 Volante carries on Aston Martin’s Second Century plans with a stunning and dynamic new entry into the Volante lineage.

Flowing Lines

Cues from the Volante’s hardtop counterpart are evident, while the rear has been reworked to truly give this DB11 a unique feel and one which works in tandem with its unlimited headroom.

Starting from £157,900

Open up to the world

The DB11 Volante’s soft-top consists of eight layers and can be lowered in just 14 seconds, then raised again in 16 seconds, all at speeds of up to 31mph. An array of colours can be specified to complement your car’s paintwork.

DB11 Volante Finance

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Elegance meets Function

Just like the Coupe, the DB11 Volante makes use of Aston Martin’s new cabin arrangement and its equipment, where crafted materials share space with the latest technology. The two aesthetics ensure for a comfortable and purposeful environment.

The Most Dynamic Volante yet

The DB11 Volante makes great use of the same twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre V8 found in the more sporting of the coupes. Offering 503bhp and a solid 513lb ft from just 2,000rpm, it propels the Volante from 0-62mph in just 4.1 seconds onto a top speed of 187mph.

While a bit heavier than the hardtop DB11, the Volante is 26kg lighter and 5% stiffer than the V12 DB9 Volante which preceded it. A weight distribution of 47:53 makes for a very balanced car, considering its convertible form.

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